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Daizen Sport Tuning Synthetic Chassis Grease

Service Items for Daizen Sport Tuning Products

Daizen Sport Tuning synthetic chassis grease is the ONLY grease you should use to service your Lexus sway bar or control arm bushings.

This is the same grease that comes in our bushing and sway bar kits. This grease should NOT be used or mixed with any other grease or lubricants, as it will adversely affect its performance and longevity. Thoroughly clean all surfaces before applying. Use approximately 1 tube per bushing.

This waterproof, semi-permanent grease will last months on end (if not years) without wearing away or liquefying due to heat or friction.

5ml tubes - available in 4-tube or 12-tube service packs.
4-tube grease service pack
12-tube grease service pack
Performance and upgrade parts designed exclusively for Lexus vehicles
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