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Lexus SC-series (SC300 SC400 SC430)

Lexus' world-class sport coupes are given awesome performance-enhancing upgrades, matching their abilities with their stunning good looks.
Year Model Chassis Code
1992-2000 Lexus SC300 JZZ31
Lexus SC400 UZZ30
2002-2009 Lexus SC430 UZZ40
Daizen Sport Tuning upgrades work together with your SC's already advanced Lexus engineering and design to give you the ultimate luxury sport coupe.

Lexus SC300 and SC400

The Lexus SC300 and SC400 - already excellent performers in stock form - can be tuned to run with the heavy hitters, both on and off the track. This timelessly beautiful coupe made a revolutionary mark on the automotive world with its debut, and yearns to be upgraded to true sport coupe performance levels.

Lexus SC430

The ultra-luxurious Lexus SC430 convertible also benefits from the Daizen Sport Tuning touch. While Lexus chose to soften the driving experience with their bold new coupe, Daizen Sport Tuning breathes performance back into your SC430's sails, making your driving experience awe inspiring and truly unforgettable.

OEM performance shortcomings

Both first and second generation Lexus SC models suffer from over-conservative factory suspension tuning, especially in the sway bar department. This is evidenced by significant body roll during turns, and not-so-confident handling - especially at higher speeds.

Daizen Sport Tuning OEM sway bar bushing upgrades provide a noticeable improvement in the reduction of body roll and chassis response.

For the ultimate in handling, treat yourself and step up to a full sway bar upgrade, complete with fitted urethane bushings and a racing-inspired 3-position adjustable rear sway bar. Powder coated bars provide great looks and excellent durability even under the harshest conditions.

Either of these sway bar-related upgrades will allow you to exploit your SC's full potential in both day-to-day driving or on your favorite strip of twisty road, and can be further enhanced when coupled with coil overs, upgraded springs and shocks, or other suspension components.

Bushing upgrades

Factory rubber bushings deteriorate over time, and degrade your SC's driving stability and performance - and even your safety. Daizen Sport Tuning steering rack, OEM sway bar and control arm bushing kits restore your suspension's solid, sure footed handling. Some of the more significant problems are as follows:
  • 1992-2000 SC300 - Chronic failure of the drivers side steering rack bushings caused by oil from the valve covers leaking directly on the bushings - in extreme situations, the steering wheel may stay at the 10 or 2 o'clock position after making a turn

  • 1992-1996 SC300 and SC400 - Chronic failure of the front lower control arm bushings, specifically the rear position bushing - this may not be visible until the arm is actually removed from the vehicle

  • 1997-2000 SC300 and SC400 - Improved front lower control arm bushing design, but eventually suffers the same failure as the 1992-1996 models

  • 1995 SC300 (1995 only, and 5-speed model only) - A unique issue with the rear upper control arm bushings slipping rearward off of the control arm - the most common symptom is a metal-on-metal squeaking sound coming from the rear of the vehicle

  • 2002-2009 SC430 - Susceptible to an "invisible" failure of the front lower control arm bushing (#2 lower control arm), most commonly indicated by excessive tire wear and wandering at highway speeds
SC430 tire wear issues

Essentially the same chassis design as the 1998-2005 GS-series, the SC430 suffers the same chronic tire wear issues as its 4-door sibling. Oftentimes by 40-50,000 miles, you may begin to see accelerated tire wear, especially on the inside of the front tires.

Most shops immediately give a knee-jerk diagnosis of needing a camber correction kit, but this is oftentimes not necessary, especially if
you have approximately negative 1.5 degrees of camber or less, and especially if your vehicle is not lowered more than 1.5-inches. (Please see our technical section for a more in-depth explanation of negative camber vs. toe settings and how they affect tire wear on Lexus vehicles). As mentioned in that article, the most likely cause of this tire wear is a bushing issue, specifically the bushing on the #2 front lower control arms. Over time, the rubber in these bushings goes soft, and causes havoc with the toe settings of the vehicle. Pretty soon the car is wandering and darting all over the road, especially at highway speeds, and you are getting only 6-8,000 miles on a pair of front tires. Simply said - whatever the actual problem may be, make sure you are addressing the correct problem in the correct way.

Electrical issues with higher mileage

As with any vehicle, over time you will begin to lose conductivity with many of your SC's electrical connections and terminals. Resistance increases, especially to the all-important ground pathways, and many of the components on a vehicle as complex as the SC begin to lose their smooth performance and reliability. Daizen Sport Tuning grounding upgrade kits alleviate many of these problems, and with their high quality fully soldered and insulated connections, will give great electrical performance for many years to come. Unline other generic and knockoff grounding kits on the market, Daizen Sport Tuning grounding upgrade kits are the original, and are the only grounding kits specifically designed for each model vehicle. Kits come complete with necessary hardware where applicable.
Note: Each set or kit contains components to service ONE COMPLETE VEHICLE
1992-2000 Lexus SC:
Front Control Arm Bushing Kit (92-96)
Front Control Arm Bushing Kit (97-00)
Rear Control Arm Bushing Kit
Front Control Arm Bushing Kit (92-00)
Upgraded Sway Bar Set
OEM Sway Bar Bushing Kit (92-96)
OEM Sway Bar Bushing Kit (97-00)
Front Camber Correction Kit
Rear Camber Correction Kit
Steering Rack Bushing Kit


2002-2009 Lexus SC:
Front Control Arm Bushing Kit
Upgraded Sway Bar Set
OEM Sway Bar Bushing Kit
Steering Rack Bushing Kit
* Non-press-in kit. Requires original lower bushings to be removed by heating with torch. Original OEM outer metal shells and inner sleeves are retained and reused.
** Requires two original outer bushing shells to be removed, and replacements pressed in. Otherwise similar to S1-2002.
*** Press-in kit. Requires original metal outer shells to be removed, and new shells to be pressed in. Also includes new inner sleeves.
**** Requires press for installation of some components.
Performance and upgrade parts designed exclusively for Lexus vehicles
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